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Country Farm and Business Management

Business and country farm planning is the process of planning all aspects of an agricultural operation to maximize profits and income. It is a complex undertaking that requires a broad range of technical, human and economic conceptual and analytical skills. The challenge is that the result of any action is based on conditions which can’t be predicted or guaranteed and requires a degree of flexibility in the face uncertainty.

Business management and farming are inextricably linked, and those who are successful in farming is able to consider both aspects. They will need to be able to plan production based upon the market prices and the climate conditions while also being an effective manager of finances in planning future funding, and monitoring progress toward the goals set.

It is also essential that the owner has sufficient income from sources other than farm to cover operating expenses and provide a safety margin against unexpected events or emergencies. Additionally, adequate public facilities must be made available to accommodate visitors and customers (e.g. Parking, signage, education, and customer service are all vital.

Many farms and ranches offer an educational experience to their guests. This can include information on the production of fiber and food products as well as the management of land and the history of farming. This can be a wonderful method of attracting and keeping customers and is usually well-received by the public. It may be possible to get funds from a local or state agency to cover the costs of education.

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