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The IT World and Business

The investment in IT solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs can be a fantastic method to save money for businesses. It can be challenging to find the best technology for your company. Managed services providers can provide high-quality advice for small and medium-sized businesses on the best IT solution for their business.

The advancement in technology has allowed to reach markets around the world. Businesses are now able to easily connect with customers and clients thanks to emails or instant messaging apps, personalised chatbots, and websites. Businesses can reduce their costs by using IT software that automatize routine tasks, like employee attendance and financial data analysis.

Over time, numerous attempts were made to improve IT. These included object-oriented concepts that aimed at creating an object vocabulary that was with an integrated understanding, so that software behaved like real world objects. Unfortunately, it failed to make an impact. The result was a shaky co-dependent relationship between Business and IT and IT, where both parties believed that a plan would fail and pointed fingers at each other for its failure. Both sides demanded to receive the complete set of requirements « up-front » so that they could work in perfect knowledge. Even if these requirements were made available upfront they would soon be obsolete because the business itself was evolving according to changing customer demands and new market opportunities.

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