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Antivirus Software Review

Antivirus software is your primary line of protection against ransomware, malware and other digital nasties. Even the most knowledgeable users are susceptible to malware, so an antivirus program is necessary for anyone wanting to protect their data. The best antivirus suites can deter the phishing scams and inform you when websites have been compromised. They also help you identify suspicious emails. Some offer additional security features such as password managers, VPN access and automatic cloud backups. They also scan the dark web for activity to identify whether your computer has been infected.

Depending on the software you select the software will be able to check for malware using various methods. Heuristic detection identifies behavior that is typical of viruses, while Sandboxing blocks suspicious programs to ensure they aren’t able to cause any harm. Certain suites can even remove infected files, if needed.

Norton provides excellent protection against malware, as well as numerous additional options like the VPN, automated backups, and a password manager. Its user-friendly interface and excellent results in AV Test and AV Comparates’ benchmark tests make it an excellent choice. However, it will eat up system resources and affect performance on budget or older systems.

Avast’s free software offers strong protection against threats with a polished interface. It is able to be upgraded for only a small cost to Avast One, which adds privacy and identity protection as well as with PC tools. Its robust software engine performed well during laboratory tests and is successful in preventing the emergence of new threats which are known as zero-day threat before they are detected or included in virus databases. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Android, too.

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